do you Manage Events?

Our service converts your event into an extremely effective social marketing tool. And your guests will thank you for using it too!


We know how difficult it is to get your customers to post your branding message onto their social pages. Nearly impossible right? New technology is now making event marketing easier, better, and more affordable. PortraitLink uses a revolutionary new system that is a gamechanger for event managers in the California Central Coast.


it’s all about your phone.

We view and share almost all of our picture on phones, it’s the way we live. The images created by PortraitLink are made for your phone and for social sharing too. For your event on the Central Coast, we create professional pictures of your guests that are quickly branded with your marketing message then sent to the guests phone - ready for sharing using the one-tap facebook and instagram button. That means your guests get a fun picture of themselves with your branding message tastefully applied that they will want to post in less than 60 seconds.

Let us get you hundreds of posts.
Thousands of impressions.


how do we maximize your events marketing potential?


We start by taking professional photos of your attendees as they arrive at your event. These photos are then automatically branded with your pre-approved logo overlay and delivered right to the guests phone (with their permission, of course) in seconds. Each photo has your event branding and message on it and is ready for sharing and posting.
Throughout the rest of your event, our well-trained photo teams find new and engaging moments to capture for your guests that reinforce your marketing message. Our system automatically adds your branding graphic and delivers it right to their phones automatically every time we take a new picture. This provides a sequence of fun, fast and engaging pictures on your guests phones that are ideal for posting in realtime.
The more photos, the more social media posts. And the more posts, the more exposure for your business or charity event. This really is the easiest and most efficient way to get thousands and thousands of social media impressions for your venue, business or charity!

Thousands of social media impressions…
with my logo? Really?

Let’s do the math:

Imagine 200 guests… 150 agree to receive photos (It’s usually more). Each guest has about 500 FB friends and maybe 300 Instagram friends = approximately 800 followers... We take 5 photos of each of these guests and suppose they only post 3 of them…that means you get 360,000 impressions with your brand/logo on each one! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Security is important to us so rest assured that immediately after each event concludes, all guest data is deleted.


Over 60% of the guests attending your event will post at least one of our photos onto their social pages within minutes after we take them - each with your branding message.

Call our Sales and Marketing Director to find out more and to book your event: Laurie (805) 471-4774

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Talking Business Cards

How come business cards don’t talk to you?

iPhone PHOTO for LOGOSM.png

They do now with our PortraitLink Talking Portrait technology. Turn your business card into a powerful marketing tool that delivers your marketing message 24/7 with just one tap.

We record photo and video content that we turn into a simple link that is texted to your phone for you to click and play and instantly share and post. Take a look at these examples and call us for more information or to book a talking portrait session.